Tricia Dugat: Graphic Designer and Artist

Graphic Designer and Artist

Hello! I am Tricia Dugat, a graphic designer, wife, mom and adult convert to the Catholic faith. For years I’ve wanted to bring together my years of experience as a designer and my education in theology. I founded Providential Co. in 2016 with the hope of sharing the beauty of Christianity and providing customers like you with quality and craftsmanship – items to take along your journey of this life, or to give to the people you care about knowing they were made with thought and care.

In making us in His divine image, God endowed each one of us with a desire to create, and a love of beauty. These principles are the foundation of Providential Co.’s mission: to serve you and God’s truth with distinctive design and materials.

I ask for your prayers and intentions as our valued supporters, in all that we do, every day. You are certainly in ours.

God Bless! + + +